Northern Camper Magazine Layout Sample

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are used to protect both parties of a design project.

I try to keep it simple and clearly defined for the Designer (Myself) and the Client (You). These are standard conditions of most designers.

Payment of Project Deposit is considered Agreement to Terms & Conditions of the Project.

Additional Terms may be included in estimate, depending on project need.

The Designer uses Adobe Creative Suite, the Professional Design Industry Standard. It is at the Designer’s sole discretion to determine the proper file format and software for design. For Example, a book should be designed using Adobe InDesign, not Adobe Photoshop. Client will clearly state in quote phase of project if a specific file type is preferred. This is only a request and may effect the price for the project.

Final delivered files are intended for production purposes as needed by client and project objectives. Original files are not included in estimate price (unless other wise noted). If original art files are needed, negotiation of price will be required.

The Client has full ownership and usage rights to all related designs, including but not limited to mass production, social media, & digital distribution.

The Designer reserves the right to reproduce the designs for self-promotional purposes after completion of project for an unlimited period of time. Original working files are property of the Designer, unless other wise negotiated.

The Client will proofread, examine, and approve all work produced during the Project. Therefore, the Client shares responsibility for any typographical, spelling, grammar, or other errors discovered after printing or reproduction. Designer will not reimburse for reprints or in any way compensate for errors missed during the proofing process.

Note: Designer will adjust final file as needed/requested by production companies.

The Designer may use the Project in designer’s portfolio, including, but not limited to, any website that displays Designer’s works.

Client will properly identify Shaun Soper or Soper Graphic Design as the Designer when asked. Client does not have to display Designer’s name together with any work.

Agreements of work tasks and related price will be clearly stated. Any other design work will be negotiated as needed according to the demands of the additional work/project(s). Each project will include a limited number of changes, additional changes will be billed at an hourly rate.

Both Client and Designer agree to a confidential relationship. The proprietary and confidential information include all information or material that has or could have commercial value or other utility in either party’s business.

The Designer agrees to not disclose any information about Client’s business practices, client lists, or payment arrangements. The Client agrees to not disclose any information about Designer’s business practices, work methods, or compensation.

Both parties agree that their relationship is that of independent contractors and not that of partners, joint venturers, agents, or employees of the other party. Neither party will represent itself as, or act as agent, representative, or employee of the other party.

Termination or amendments of this agreement can be discussed during any part of the project(s). Either party may terminate the agreement at any time through written notification. Payment of work completed to the point of termination will be negotiated at that time. Return of working files will be part of the negotiation.

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